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For Elderly People

Maca Prime's abundant nutrients can help you increase stamina (energy), balance the hormone level, relieve and calm the mind, and enhance memory and concentration. Also, Maca Prime provides nutrients lacking in our diet to maintain our body and mind at its best condition.

Maca Prime's benefits on elderly people are listed below:



Anti-aging / Prolonged Life

Maca Prime can promote secretion of human growth hormone and help you balance estrogen and testosterone hormones, thus slowing down the aging. Also, isoleucine, leucin, and vailine acid can help you prolong your life. (Ref. Professor Enzo Nisoli of Brescia University, Italia (2010) "Cell Metabolism ")


Memory Improvement

Maca Prime is abundant with vitamin B12, which promotes an active brain, and smooth nerve transmission. Also, glutamine acid, valine, and alanine in Maca Prime provide necessary nutrients to our brain for its memory, concentration, and its use. Maca Prime nourishes the healthy body, and encourages a healthy mind. (Ref. Wilfred Rawventure Campbell (2012) "Valine: The essential amino acid that is needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of a proper nitrogen balance in the body.")


Rheumatism/ Osteoporosis/ Oesteomalacia

Calcium and 31 various minerals in Maca Prime enhance superior effecicacy on diseases that affect senior health, such as rheumatism, osteoporosis, and oesteomacia. Also, histidine acid contained in Maca Prime can help you prevent rheumatic arthritis. (Ref. Eric R. Braverman; 2009 "The Healing Nutrients Within")


Immunity Enhancement

Maca Prime nourishes our body with numerous abundant nutrients, and helps our body to create immune-enhancing hormones including human growth hormone and thyroid hormone. Also, Maca Prime셲 amino acid that is necessary for recovery of skin tissue, bones, and muscle along with various minerals assist in quick recovery scars. Maca Prime promotes a healthy life for everyone by helping us to enhance our immune system. (Ref. Tapiero H.; et al. (November 2002). Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy 56 (9): 439-445 REVIEW. Stechmiller, J.K.; et al. (February 2005))


Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease

Maca Prime provides an enormous help in lowering the glucose level by helping us to normalize the insulin secretion in our body. Plant-based sterols combine itself with cholesterol and can lower the cholesterol intake up to 2/3 of amount. Minerals in Maca Prime can help us maintain regular heart rate and thyroid hormone that is vital for the blood pressure. Also, Maca Prime can normalize the secretion of estrogen and testosterone, thus helping the blood pressure to be at its normal state.

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