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What is Maca Prime?

Maca Prime is a USDA certified 100% organic nutritional supplement; it is made from pulverizing maca (Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon), a root plant which grows in the belt of Mount Andes of Peru, one of the few remaining clean areas in the earth. Maca has been a nutritional super food among royal family in the Incan Empire for 1,500 years, and its usage as a tonic is traced back to as early as 2,000 B.C. Grown at 14,000 feet above sea level, maca plants its roots on volcanic rock zone enduring its harsh environment: 11 degrees below zero temperature which freezes even the rocks. Full of energy, maca is the most powerful plant on earth.

Maca contains over sixty plant-derived nutrients, including thirty one minerals, eighteen amino acids, glucosinolate, six vegetable sterols, plant-based fatty acid, and other numerous vitamins; it is a natural multi-nutritional supplement. Maca absorbs tremendous amount of nutrients from its cultivated land; after its cultivation, no other plants could be grown in the same area from five to seven years. There is no known side effect from maca, so anybody, regardless of age or gender, safely can enjoy.


Maca Prime Nutrients


Maca is chosen by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a supplement for stronauts. Its nutritional efficacies are widely acknowledged by the world.

Maca Prime can help you balance the hormones in our body, and it helps to prevent and treat hormone-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, menopausal disorder, decreased immunity, slowing of growth development or precocious puberty, infertility, stress, menstrual pain or irregularity, and chronic fatigue. Also, compared to broccoli, Maca Prime possesses up to 100 times greater amount of glucosinolate; it can help you normalize the liver function and help you prevent and treat liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, or other related diseases.

Why Choose Maca Prime?

Amino Acid: Key Component of Hormone and Enzyme

A human body is made of protein from its blood, bone, muscle, skin, intestines to nails and hair. This protein is a necessary basic substance in our body because it maintains, repairs, and stimulates the growth of the cell tissue. The protein is also used in creating hormone, enzyme, antibody, and neurotransmitter. In order to create this protein, there must be a key component called amino acid. Maca Prime contains 18 out of 20 amino acids among foods for consumption, and nine out of ten necessary amino acids which can be only provided by food consumption due to the body셲 inability of synthesis. Amino Acid is formed of hormone and enzymes, mandatory factors for our health.

Maca Prime provides plant-derived amino acid that is beneficial to our body. It helps the secretion of hormone and enzyme, and also maintains them at their best healthy state.


Glucosinolate: Prevention against Cancer

Doctors recommend cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, to cancer patients or to those with a family history of a cancer. It is because the vegetables contain a component called glucosinolate, an organic chemical created by combination of various amino acids. Glucosinolate is a necessary nutrient for our immune system because it balances hormones in our body, prevents and treats diseases, and prevents and fights against cancer. Maca contains 100 times more glucosinolate compared to a broccoli. Glucosinolate provides powerful recovery of liver function, normalizes the liver count, and restores the fatigued liver back to its health.

Maca Prime has abundant glucosinolate, and its powerful anti-cancer mechanism is effective on bladder cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and skin cancer. Moreover, glucosinolate regulates white blood cells and cytokine effectively, suppressing the growth of tumor in the breast, liver, colon, stomach, lung, throat, and other parts of the body.


Balancing the Hormone and the Health!

Hormone is a part of endocrine system that is created in many parts of our body. There are about 50 hormones in our body including the estrogen, testosterone, insulin, thyroid hormone. Hormone is an important substance that transmits information within the body셲 cells for its proper function.

Hormone imbalance is affected by disorderly eating habits, lack of exercise, pregnancy, hormone pills (such as birth control pill, hair loss pills, insulin, and other hormone related pills), stress, excess use of cosmetics, obesity, tumor, and other factors. Hormone imbalance is caused because of imbalance among significant hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. The minor symptoms of hormone imbalance include skin trouble, acne, weight gain or loss, sexual desire disorder, loss of memory; and if worsened, it may lead to diabetes, blood pressure problems, heart disease, menopause disorder, osteoporosis, depression, decrease in immune system, stress, chronic fatigue, infertility, and menstruation disorder.

Maca Prime contains amino acid and minerals, which are the hormone components. They provide necessary nutrient to our body셲 endocrine system, and balance the hormones with glucosinolate.


No Need to Take Extra Enzyme!

Enzyme is a giant organic molecule and an extremely important substance. It is responsible for thousands of chemical interconversion which is vital to human life. The enzyme is made of protein, and its role is to absorb and digest, decompose and discharge, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, detoxify and sterilize, purify blood, and cell resurrection. Maca Prime can help you balance hormone which stimulates the enzyme, and the hormone also helps to control enzyme셲 stimulation and density. Maca Prime nourishes enzyme with amino acid, the key component of protein, boosting the enzyme stimulation.

Maca Prime can help you solve the main cause of enzyme deficiency; there is no need for taking extra enzyme supplement.


Minerals: Foundation of the Body

Approximately 4% of our body's mass is made of Minerals. Minerals serve three major roles in our body. First, they provide structure for bones and teeth. Second, they help to maintain normal heart rate, contractility and retractility of muscle, neural conduction, and balance acidity in our body. Last, minerals become a part of hormone and enzyme to activate cellular metabolism. Likewise, these minerals are vital to our body, and Maca Prime contains 31 various minerals. All 31 minerals in Maca Prime nourish our body to have a strong structure promoting a healthy life.


Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind!

Maca Prime can help you lower the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, therefore relieves anxiety. Maca Prime also assists to control dopamine, helping to treat addiction on alcohol, video and computer games, and gambling. The abundant vitamin B12 in Maca Prime encourages brain activation, and helps a smooth nerve transmission.

Lysine in Maca Prime can help you relive fear and anxiety, and helps to clam our mind and body.


Sterols: Fighting the 쏝ad Cholesterol!

Maca Prime has rich plant-based sterols, such as sitosterol, campestrol, ergosterol, brassica- sterol, and ergostadienol.

Sterols combine itself with cholesterol thus preventing the body셲 cholesterol absorption. This leads to the prevention of arteriosclerosis caused by accumulation of cholesterol.

Free from Side Effects, For All Ages and Sexes, For Everyone!

Peruvians continue to love Maca for 1,500 years. In the region near Andes of Peru, the locals of the region start feeding maca to their children as soon as the children turn one year old. For a long time, numerous people consumed maca, and many tests were conducted; no harmful substances or side effects were found. Regardless of any constitution, everyone can enjoy maca. Even those with indigestion and sensitive digestion can enjoy Maca Prime without worrying because Maca Prime is a pure organic powder with no additives.

Protect your family셲 health with Maca Prime. Start a healthy habit with Maca Prime!


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